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泰乐菌素 1401-69-0

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中文名 泰乐菌素
中文同义 泰乐菌素碱;泰乐菌素溶液,100PPM;泰乐菌素, 95+%;TYLOSIN 泰乐菌素;泰乐菌素溶液, 1000PPM;亦称泰农、泰乐霉素;泰乐菌素溶液, 100UG/ML 甲醇溶液;泰乐菌素溶液, 1000UG/ML 甲醇溶液
英文名 Tylosin
英文同义 TYLOCINE(R);TYLOSIN;fradizine;tylocine;Tylosine;TYLAN50;Tylosin (base and/or unspecified salts);N,N-Tylozine
CAS 1401-69-0
分子式 C46H77NO17
分子量 916.1
EINECS 215-754-8
相关类别 小分子抑制剂,天然产物;小分子抑制剂;大环内酯类抗生素;微生物代谢物;原料药;抗生素;兽药原料药;对照品;API原料药;兽药原料;医用原料;Carbohydrates & Derivatives;Chiral Reagents;Intermediates & Fine Chemicals;Pharmaceuticals;PROHANCE;Inhibitors;医药原料;原料;医药、农药及染料中间体
结构式 泰乐菌素


熔点 135-137°C
比旋光度 D25 -46° (c = 2 in methanol)
沸点 796.05°C (rough estimate)
密度 1.1424 (rough estimate)
折射率 1.5280 (estimate)
储存条件 2-8°C
酸度系数(pKa) pKa 7.73(H2O
t = 25
I = 0.167) (Uncertain)
水溶解性 H2O: soluble 50 mg/mL
稳定性 Solutions are stable at pH 4-9 (most stable at pH 7);
Below pH 4 tylosin B (desmycosin) is formed as a result of acid hydrolysis;
In neutral and alkaline pH – tylosin aldol (TAD) is formed together with polar degradation products of unknown identity;
When tylosin solution is exposed to daylight, a photodegradation product – isotylosin A (isoTA) is formed.
EPA化学物质信息 Tylosin (1401-69-0)